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Q. What are criteria for getting operated at Rajkot Hospital. ?

A. The Aspirant patient should be:

* Of age between 2 to 60 years.

* Weight of Child / infant should be min 10 Kgs

* Adult - min 55 kgs.

* Family income should be less than Rs. 7000 per month or a holder of BPL card issued by the State Govt.

* Should have a Heart problem related preliminary medical report from a Cardiac consultant.

Q. What facility is available to the patient and the relative/companion?

A. The patient and the companion both get free accommodation, and vegetarian food.

Q. Does the patient get the required medicines and blood during operation?

A. The medicine is provided by the hospital.

Blood is to be arranged by the patient from local blood bank.

Q. I read that, the operations are totally free of charge. Is it true?

A. Yes. At this Sri Sathya Sai Heart Hospital, Rajkot all Heart operations are free of charge.

One can see the sign prominently displayed on the Hospital Wall. ( link to be given to the Boards)

The fund for these operations is received from various donors from India as well as abroad.

Q. Who can donate to the Hospital?

A. Any individual from India or abroad, a company, society, organization, NGO or a corporate can contribute to this noble cause.

Q. What is the method of payment?

A. Followings are the easy options to send your contributions.

* From India, one can pay by a Cheque, Demand Draft, Bankers Cheque or Bank Transfer.

* From outside India, you can directly transfer the amount to our Bank account.

* One can also pay thro a Credit Card thro PayPal. PayPal is internationally recognized Credit card processing agency. The transactions are quick, easy and safe.

Our Bank details are as under:

AXIS Bank, Law Garden Branch, Ahmedabad - 380007. India.

Q. How can I know that the donation I make is utilized correctly?

A. The hospital maintains the lists of Patients Operated  and The waiting List ( for Operations).

Anybody can visit the Hospital and have look at the working or contact any of the patients directly ( without the knowledge of the Hospital ) and inquire about the patients experience about the operation and other workings of the hospital.

Q. If I opt to contribute, what do I get against my donation?

A. All donations to Sri Sathya Sai Heart Hospital, Rajkot are exempted from Income.

Donor can get 100% Exemption in 35AC (100% tax free) of Income Tax Act or 50% Exemption in 80G Of Income Tax

An Income Tax Rebate Certificate is issued against all donations above Rs. 5000

For donations of Rs.50,000 and above a Patient Adoption Certificate is issued. It shows utilization of the fund from your donation for the operation of a patient, with his/her Name, contact details and a photo.
(link to be given to the PAC illustration)

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